Airbrush tattoos could be defined as temporary or fake tattoos sprayed on human skin. The artists implement a system similar to the one used for creating airbrush art. There is no restriction to imagination because apart from prefabricated designs, people may also customize something on their own. The following write-up specifies the things required for airbrush tattooing and other necessary information. Please check it out now.


Stencils are not mandatory but recommended because capturing designs freestyle on the skin is quite challenging. If you are incredibly talented, you can do airbrush tattooing without stencils. However, spraying without a stencil or masking tape cannot create sharp edges. The designs look washed out.

For temporary airbrush tattoos, you may find stencils in practically all motifs. A few include:

  • Flowers
  • Geometric shapes
  • Animals
  • Classic tattoos such as sun, anchor, skull, etc.
  • Ancient runes and Eastern characters

As mentioned earlier, you can draw a design and then have templates. Such promotion is ideal for club or company parties. Most employees endorse their brand by spraying its logo on their arms or somewhere noticeable.


According to a renowned artist making temporary tattoos in Fort Worth, TX, one must invest in special paints to spray temporary tattoos. They must be highly pigmented, or you would be unable to spray the paint with a tiny airbrush nozzle. The paints must also be non-toxic. Alcohol-based or water-based products are the best.

Water-based airbrush paint remains on the skin if you agree not to take a shower or wipe it off intentionally. Alcohol-based paint is water-resistant and does not smudge easily; thus, considered a tad more durable. Cover the tattoo with a plastic sheet while showering if you want water-based paints to last a couple more days.

Other Accessories

Besides paints and stencils, you would need a couple of other things for airbrush tattooing. You must purchase a mild, antibacterial, and skin-friendly cleaning solution. You have to wipe the skin thoroughly before spraying, after all. It would help if you also had a cotton swab and isopropanol for the same purpose.

Professional temporary airbrush artist in Dallas, TX, also emphasized the significance of cleaning the equipment. If your airbrush kit does not include cleaning agents, you must place an order separately. Thinning mediums for paints are also beneficial if you work with an extra-fine nozzle.

Airbrush tattoos have acquired widespread popularity, probably because they are quite cheap. With most artists offering services on the beach or at a street festival, you can get a breathtaking design sprayed on for an affordable price. Smaller designs are more reasonably charged. In professional studios, however, airbrush tattoos will be expensive.

If you wish to do airbrush tattoos by yourself, the total cost will depend on the paint and equipment you use.